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Drip Drip

Alternative stores: iTunes Amazon Keith Malley is back with his yearly stand-up special, and this year he talks marriage and divorce, dating, being sober, gun control, #MeToo, and the death of Stephen Hawking. Celebrating the release of special #15: Drip Drip, you can download the ENTIRE BACK CATALOG of Keith’s albums: All 14 other shows, recorded  2004 - 2017, along with the new show, f...


KATG Live Events Collection

13 years of KATG created some incredible live moments!  Get them all at this insane price for a limited time only.This collection includes:1) The KATG Roast hosted by Jesse Joyce2) KATG Live On A Big Boat3) KATG Live All Over The Place4) KATG In Canada


Live in NYC 2018 (VIDEO)

Keith and Chemda talk bad living situations with Gem Mint guests Tracey Carnazzo, Chris Laker, Hannah Boone, Paul Hooper, and Andrea Allan. Whether it’s discussing shady landlords, shadier roommates, or the shadiness within themselves, these comedians share it all as they teach you how to handle mice, perverted house guests, and bathroom time.


You Can’t Say That – Podwars (VIDEO)

You Can’t Say That, the KATG game that marries Taboo with Charades, is getting the audience into a frenzy! Watch as Keith and Chemda lead 4 podcasts to glory and ruined friendships! Featuring: Tracey Carnazzo, Gabrielle Fragala, Sydnee Washington, Marie Faustin, Alyssa Limperis, May Wilkerson, Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin.


KATG Stand-Up-Athon 2018 [VIDEO]

Keith and The Girl's 2018 Stand-Up-Athon 17 comedians, 2-minute sets each, only one comedian will win. Myq Kaplan, Ayanna Dookie, Billy Procida, Casey James Salengo, Emily Lubin, Chris Laker, JP McDade, Rob Haze, Kerryn Feehan, Paul Hooper, Hannah Boone, Julia Schachter, Justy Dodge, Sydnee Washington, Hennessy, Tracey Carnazzo, and Andrea Allan, with Christian Finnegan


New KATG T-shirt

Check out the new KATG t-shirt only available for purchase online. Get yours today!  


KATG 24-Hour Comedy Marathon 2018

Get ready for a full 24 hours of Keith, Chemda, and the funniest comedians telling jokes, stories and everything else! The Marathon is divided into 6 parts. See which comics are featured in each part below: Part 1 Christi Chiello, Paul Hooper, Tracey Carnazzo, Jason Burke, Julia Soloman, Alyssa Limperis, Richie Tolway, Christina Galston, Chris Laker, Lucie Pohl, and Daniel Hartley Part 2 Danie...


KATG 24-Hour Comedy Marathon 2017

Let us and some of the funniest comics in NYC tell you jokes and stories for 24 hours non-stop! The Marathon is divided into 5 parts. See which comics are featured in each part below: 1. featuring Kevin Allison, Dana Rossi, Tanael Joachim, Andrea Allan, Jerome, Clark Jones, Josh Accardo, Subhah Agarwal, Nick Turner, Casey James Salengo, Dan Soder, and Katharine Heller2. featuring Dan Soder, Kat...


The Great American Novel

The man behind Keith and The Girl, the fast-paced hilarious comedy talk show, brings you an autobiography of his first 30 years. From life with his religious family and Catholic priest father to his move to New York City and pursuance of stand-up comedy, this book covers all the ridiculousness from birth to The Big Three Oh. Whether he’s working for Feminists Against Pornography after busting ...


What Do We Do Now?

Finally, a modern relationship book for the modern relationship.What Do We Do Now? is an R-rated, utterly honest Q&A book culled from the best and funniest questions posed by Keith and the Girl devotees, including:• My boyfriend joined the military and is being shipped off for an unknown amount of time. I’m young and I want to move on. Am I a bad person?• Why does my boyfriend always adjust...


KATG Sticker Package

100% industrial strength caliber vinyl? Check. Aggressive permanent adhesive? Check. Custom die cut. A-durrr! Waterproof? Gee… I wonder… Yes! They’re waterproof AND fade resistant! 100% UV coating? Why are you asking? You already know these answers. YES! YES! YES! These are the best god damn stickers around! Quantity: 10 stickers


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