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The Great American Novel

BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY DEAL: For a limited time, get The Great American Bundle for just $20.20! The Bundle includes The Great American Novel eBook Kindle Audio Book Paperback  Deal ends Mon Nov 30th, 2020 The man behind Keith and The Girl, the fast-paced hilarious comedy talk show, brings you an autobiography of his first 30 years. From life with his religious family and Catholic prie...



Join the OMAT Club! 4-Week Sessions available NOW! (For OMAT shirts, mugs, etc CLICK HERE)  FREE OMAT WEEK AVAILABLE FOR CHEMDA'S BIRTHDAY: 11/30 - 12/4  OMAT is a program designed by Chemda to turn negative patterns into positive habits One Minute Ata Time.   OMAT Club membership comes with: 1 or 4-week Club Membership  Guided OMAT Practice Q&A/Chat Sessions Access to Private Forums Thr...



KATG Week 2020 was packed with your favorite comics and shows and the downloads are now available! VIPS GET ALL SHOWS FOR FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. CHECK YOUR VIP DASHBOARD FOR YOUR CODE: Not a VIP member? Become one TODAY and get these shows for free: THE 2020 KATG ROAST Lineup includes: Roast Master JP McDade, Myq Kaplan, Calvin Cato, Casey James Salengo, Courtney Ma...


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Don't stay stuck. You have options. We will show you that more is available to you than what you can currently see. As professional podcasters, producers, and writers, we took the steps to create opportunities where there seemed to be no possibilities. We want to use what we've learned to help you live your true and best lives. Get on a call with either one or both of us. Your choice! (same ...



It’s 2020, and we have another full 24 hours of Keith, Chemda, and the funniest comedians telling jokes, screaming angers, and everything in between! The Marathon is divided into 6 parts. See which comics are featured in each part below: Part 1 Patrick Shroeder, Rojo Perez, Melody Kamali, Ali Clayton, Max Cohen, Vicky Kuperman   Part 2 Shelton Lindsay, Noelle Winters Herzog, Tracey Carnazzo...


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The studio is moving! Get your piece of KATG history before we move! The KATG Mystery Boxes are here. What’s in your surprise box? Clothing, DVDs, downloadable cards, a book, a stapler…? As we consolidate the studio for the big move, we’ve come across classic KATG items of all shapes and sizes, and your fun box will be sure to include items that retail over $100. Each box will include items tha...


What Do We Do Now?

Finally, a modern relationship book for the modern relationship.What Do We Do Now? is an R-rated, utterly honest Q&A book culled from the best and funniest questions posed by Keith and the Girl devotees, including:• My boyfriend joined the military and is being shipped off for an unknown amount of time. I’m young and I want to move on. Am I a bad person?• Why does my boyfriend always adjust...


Drip Drip

Keith Malley is back with his yearly stand-up special, and this year he talks marriage and divorce, dating, being sober, gun control, #MeToo, and the death of Stephen Hawking.


I’m Dating Your Mom

It’s album #16, and Keith’s at it again! This time he discusses his new love, his new stepkids, his disciplinary ideas, the climate of sensitivity, Devil’s advocates, sex robots, and Louis C.K.’s penis.This product is also available on: AMAZON, ITUNES and GOOGLE PLAY.


KATG 24-Hour Comedy Marathon 2019

Get ready for a full 24 hours of Keith, Chemda, and the funniest comedians telling jokes, stories, and everything else! The Marathon is divided into 6 parts. See which comics are featured in each part below: Part 1 Hannah Boone, Casey James Salengo, Sean Patton, Kevin Allison, Myq Kaplan, Carrie Gravensen, Ali Clayton, Sharron Paul, Matt Bachus, Aileen Clark Part 2 Aileen Clark, Shelton Lindsay...


KATG 24-Hour Comedy Marathon 2018

Get ready for a full 24 hours of Keith, Chemda, and the funniest comedians telling jokes, stories and everything else! The Marathon is divided into 6 parts. See which comics are featured in each part below: Part 1 Christi Chiello, Paul Hooper, Tracey Carnazzo, Jason Burke, Julia Soloman, Alyssa Limperis, Richie Tolway, Christina Galston, Chris Laker, Lucie Pohl, and Daniel Hartley Part 2 Danie...



In her debut comedy EP, GONZO Andrea Allan delivers raw and irreverent jokes that tap into her anger, self-loathing, vices and struggle against hypocrisy. Allan’s outrageous narratives about her own life are interwoven with ludacris performative choices, creating a style unique only to her.GONZO has a distinct brand of deeply personal material and wild stories from Andrea's life, plus absurd an...