What Do We Do Now?

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Finally, a modern relationship book for the modern relationship.

What Do We Do Now? is an R-rated, utterly honest Q&A book culled from the best and funniest questions posed by Keith and the Girl devotees, including:

• My boyfriend joined the military and is being shipped off for an unknown amount of time. I’m young and I want to move on. Am I a bad person?

• Why does my boyfriend always adjust himself in public?

• My wife dresses like a slut. How do I make her stop?

• My boyfriend’s number one friend on MySpace is his ex. Should I be concerned?

With he-said, she-said advice that is both raw and honest, What Do We Do Now? is sure to appeal to the podcast’s legion of fans, and attract a brand-new audience tired of the tried-and-not-so-true relationship manuals.

Audio Book Preview

Keith, Chemda, and your favorite KATG guests take Keith and The Girl’s hit relationship book to the next level. Covering such topics as sex, money, household, fighting, the internet, marriage, and kids, this hilarious and extremely important audio book has everything you need to know for a healthy relationship, and it’s all at your eartips.

Readers (aside from Keith and Chemda):

Pat Dixon
Jesse Joyce
Cathryn Lavery
Lauren Hennessy
Brian Baldinger
Mike Lawrence
Mark Normand
Cole/Angie Sanders
Jess Castro
Laura Regan
Kyle Thompson
Marga Gomez
Patrice Callender
Ray DeVito
Tim Dimond
Peyton Clarkson
Ben Lerman
Jessica Delfino
Carmen Lynch
Leah Bonnema
Diane O'Debra
Ted Alexandro
Molly Knefel
Myq Kaplan
Micah Sherman
Trey Galyon
Lucas McCain
Giulia  Rozzi
Sara Schaefer