The Great American Novel

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The man behind Keith and The Girl, the fast-paced hilarious comedy talk show, brings you an autobiography of his first 30 years. From life with his religious family and Catholic priest father to his move to New York City and pursuance of stand-up comedy, this book covers all the ridiculousness from birth to The Big Three Oh. Whether he’s working for Feminists Against Pornography after busting a load to the pages of Penthouse or trying to get a job as a live-in child caregiver simply for a place to stay, Keith Malley shares all the seriousness and silliness of an everyman trying to leave his small town and make it in the big world. This blisteringly funny memoir will literally have you crying with laughter as you recognize things in yourself. You’ll feel empowered realizing we all think in the same crazy way, and maybe, just maybe, you’re not such a freak after all.

The audio version is narrated in full by Keith Malley.

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