Personal Coaching

  • $75.00

Don't stay stuck. You have options. We will show you that more is available to you than what you can currently see.
As professional podcasters, producers, and writers, we took the steps to create opportunities where there seemed to be no possibilities. We want to use what we've learned to help you live your true and best lives.
Get on a call with either one or both of us. Your choice! (same price)
Categories include but are not limited to:
We’ll teach you the smartest ways to start, grow, and monetize a successful podcast.
Relationship advice
Let us help you connect not only with your lover/spouse, but with your family, friends, and, most importantly, yourself.
Confidence Building
Develop the necessary skills and strengths to navigate your personal and professional life with more confidence and, in turn, more ease.
Addiction Support
We’ll use the tools we’ve acquired through our own road of recovery to help you with compassion, dignity, and respect. 
New York City Advice
Call us for advice on anything from moving here to visiting to making your current NYC experience a better one.
Personal Attention
Just want to chat? Call us!

Session breakdown:

Short session: 15 min. call 
Short session bundle: 4 x 15 min. calls
Standard session: 1 hr. call
Standard session bundle: 4 x 1 hr. calls  
We will work with your schedule to find the best time to call. 
Photo by Anne Whitman