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Well here we are. Lucky #14.

Keith's back with his yearly one-take-only stand-up extravaganza, and he will help you open your eyes. To what? Everything. From why political correctness IS okay to some other thing and definitely some other thing after that. Keith's never shy about what he has to say. He knows words, and he uses them good. AND well.

Also; Hi. I'm Keith. I hope your day is going splendidly. You look so great by the way.
Anyway, you'll learn how to handle comedians, how to handle people trying to embarrass you, and everything you need to know about the word 'transgender.' AWAKE will also explain why you need to circumcise your sons - but I'll explain it in a way that's fun and down to earth. You won't have to be a doctor to understand this!!!

Also, I'm the only male comedian around that has a World War II joke in his set with Track #5.

Thank you.