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Welcome to Marathon Central! (Test)

2016 kicked our butts a little. 

Let us and some of the funniest comics in NYC tell you jokes and stories for 24 hours non-stop! 

Every year we raise money via Kickstarter for a Keith and The Girl marathon to make improvements to the studio and to help keep the show running throughout the year. Unfortunately, this year, we were focused on Chemda's health (#FuckTumors) and making sure that she has what she needs to come back safe and hilarious as ever. And she did! Big thanks to you!

Though we're not running a Kickstarter this year, we'd like to offer a few of the favorite rewards that we would normally offer exclusively in our fundraiser. These items have been marked down for a limited time. So, get your KATG once-a-year-marathon-goodies now! 

Thank you for supporting the show! 

Marathon starts at 3 pm ET on Sunday, April 16th and doesn't stop until Monday, April 17th.

Put it in your calendars.

How do I listen? 

When the marathon begins we'll have video streams of the studio posted here and on KATG.com. We'll also have a place for you to chat with other KATG fans during the marathon.

What is Keith and The Girl?

Keith and The Girl is a comedy talk show podcast hosted by Keith Malley and Chemda (The Girl). They record a new hour-long podcast every weekday. On the show they talk with comics about current events, pop culture, politics and even intimate details of their lives.

How do I get the podcast?

You can get our mobile app by clicking here